Does Reliance Retail have an IPO?

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No, Reliance Retail Venture Limited doesn’t have an IPO. The company is not listed at stock exchange but in the near future it is likely that the company will bring its IPO. However, the shares of the company are being traded in unlisted space. Unlisted shares of Reliance Retail Venture Limited can be purchased or sold through our website, UnlistedZone, or our app. Download our app from the Google Play store by clicking here .

It is housed under Reliance Industries Limited with 85.12% stakeholding. It is India’s fastest growing, largest and most profitable company. The company offers a wide range of products such as groceries, foods, footwear, lifestyle and electronics goods, consumer goods, consumer durables, energy, travel services, internet, entertainment and leisure, health and well-being products, personal hygiene, home care and beverages. Company has left its competitors far behind. The revenue of the company is 3x compared to its nearest competitor. It is the most favourite company for investors in unlisted space.

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