How to find PAN number of Unlisted Companies?

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Method 1:

1. Visit
2. Click on PAN of Unlisted Shares at the footer of the website.

On the website, you will find a list of unlisted companies with PAN numbers. If the PAN number of the unlisted company for which you are looking is not available, use method 2 listed below.

Method 2:

Under this method, we can get the information of PAN of any unlisted company from the GST number.

1. GSTIN’s first two digits will be the state code.
2. The next ten digits represent the business entity’s PAN (Permanent Account Number).
3. The 13th digit number is determined by the number of registrations made by the business entity in the state.
4. By default, the 14th digit will be “Z.”
5. The final digit is the check code, which can be either a number or an alphabet.

How to find GST Number of Unlisted Company?

Suppose you want to find the GST number of HDB Financials.

Just go to Google> Search “GST number of HDB Financials”.

You will get the GST number. From GST number you can easily extract the PAN number.

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