How to Transfer Unlisted Shares from one demat to another by CDSL

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UnlistedZone received numerous inquiries about how to transfer shares from one CDSL demat
account to another. Hence, in this article, we will walk you through the process of doing it.

A) There are 4 ways to do it.

a) POA – By Giving Power of Attorney to Broker
b) Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) – Offline DIS
c) Electronic Instruction Platforms of Depository (easiest)
d) Electronic Instruction Platforms of Stock Brokers / Depository Participants (DPs) (eDIS)

In this article, we will discuss the most used method of transfer of shares i.e. CDSL easiest

B) What is CDSL Easiest Facility?

a) By using CDSL Easiest facility, Beneficial Owners (Bos) or their POA holders can submit
electronic instructions on the electronic instruction platform of the depository.
b) This facility is available on the internet in CDSL website as well as on CDSL mobile app called
c) These platforms allow electronic instructions to be given by a client anytime, anywhere

Hence, it is obvious that CDSL’s easiest platform can be utilised to transfer shares. The main
question now is what this TPIN is. Many investors forget this, and when they want to transfer
shares, they have a difficult time.

C) TPIN (Transaction Personal Identification Number)

TPIN is the authentication PIN is employed by CDSL’s easiest facility to transfer unlisted share.
Unlisted Shares cannot be transferred without this T-PIN. It’s similar to your ATM PIN, without
which you can’t withdraw money.

a) A TPIN will be generated by the depository for each BO wishing to avail eDIS facility and will
be communicated to the BO directly.
b) The BO will have to enter the same TPIN every time it executes an eDIS

D) How to Generate TPIN?

a) Depository must generate TPIN for DPs who have registered for e-DIS. The TPIN will be
provided to the BOs registered with the depository’s registered Mobile Number and Email ID.
b) A BO of registered DP will be able to change / regenerate a TPIN by submitting request to
depository system
c) DPs will not have any control/access on TPIN i.e. visibility, edit or storing option

Click here to generate TPIN for eDIS transaction

Click here to change TPIN for eDIS transaction

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