Is Lava Mobile listed on the Stock Exchange?

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No, Lava Mobile is not listed on the stock exchange. It has filed a DRHP with SEBI in September, 2021 and is seeking approval. However, you can purchase the unlisted shares of Lava Mobile from our platform, UnlistedZone. From the UnlistedZone website or app, you can buy and sell unlisted shares. In the unlisted space, we are a leading brokerage firm trusted by thousands of customers with Rs. 300+ crores of transactions in the last three years.

Lava Mobile is a leading end-to-end focused mobile handset company. It is an Indian multinational company headquartered in Noida. Established in 2009 by Hariom Rai, Sunil Bhalla, Shailendra Nath Rai, and Vishal Sehgal, the company is involved in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and serving mobile handsets, the latest smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and other electronic accessories under its two brands, Lava and Xolo. The company also offers software related services. It has 6 offices and 4 manufacturing and service facilities in the country. The company is present in more than 11 countries, which include Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mexico, and the Middle East.

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