Is Pharmeasy an Unicorn?

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Yes, Pharmeasy is an Unicorn. The Mumbai headquartered API holdings, the parent company of Pharmeasy entered the unicorn club after raising funding of $350 million form Prosus Ventures and TPG growth at the valuation of $1.5 billion in 2021. The current valuation i.e. as on 25.07.2022, of Pharmeasy is $4billion. The company has already filed DRHP with SEBI and got approval for its IPO and aiming the valuation around $7-8 billion. The company has acquired many businesses like Aknamed, its rival Medlife, and Thyrocare which is a listed company.

Please Note:

Unicorn means the company which has achieved a valuation of $1billion or Rs.7000 Crores (1$=Rs.70)

Valuation formula = No. of Shares * Market Price

If you check the balance sheet of Pharmeasy you will see that they have ~610 Crores shares and the current market price of Pharmeasy in the unlisted market is Rs.50 per share.

Valuation would be 50*610 = Rs.30,500 Crores. As you can see the valuation is above Rs.7000 Crores, so it is an Unicorn.

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