Is Pharmeasy listed in the stock market?

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No, Pharmeasy is not an IPO. The company is not yet listed on the stock market. The promoters are planning to launch its IPO. The IPO of the company is about to come this year. The parent company of Pharmeasy API holdings filed DRHP with SEBI for an IPO worth Rs.6250 crores in the month of November 2021 and got approval from SEBI in the month of April-22. Now the promoters are waiting for the favourable market conditions to launch the IPO.

Please note that from the date of SEBI approval, there is a time period of 1 year in which the company must launch the IPO else they will have to refile the IPO. In the case of Pharmeasy, this cutoff date is April-23. For more details about Pharmeasy unlisted shares one can visit

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