What is the brand value of Elofic Industries?

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The brand value of Elofic Industries is approx 600 crore. Elofic Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive filters, lubes, and automotive coolants in India. The company is the dominant leader in the industry. It is the largest filter exporter of the country. There are 25,08,370 outstanding shares and in unlisted markets they are being traded around Rs 2400 per share. The company’s revenue and net profit is increasing every year. In 2022, the Elofic Industries has shown a revenue of 331 Crores up from 263 Crores last year. This is almost 26% growth in topline. The PAT has also increased from Rs.25 Crores in FY21 to Rs.40 Crores in FY22. These states are signs of excellent performance of the company. Most importantly, the company is debt free.

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