What kind of company is HDB Financial Services?

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Headquartered in Mumbai, HDB Financial Services is a service based company. It offers a wide range of secured and unsecured loans to customers and BPO services. Established in 2007, the company has expanded its business across the country with 1300 branches in 24 states and 3 union territories. To access the services and goods of the company, it has developed a digital platform which enables its customers to get all the services easily. It is one of the subsidiaries of HDFC Bank Ltd. It has 95% stake in the company. The major source of income for the company is interest from lending business and BPO services. Currently, the company is not listed on the stock exchange. However, If you want to invest in HDB Financial Services unlisted shares and enjoy the benefits of early stage investment, you can do the same from our platform UnlistedZone. From the UnlistedZone website or app you can buy and sell unlisted shares. We are a leading brokerage firm in unlisted space trusted by thousands of customers with Rs. 300+ crore transactions in the last three years.

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