Who is HDB Financial Services main competitor?

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The companies Bajaj Finance, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd., Sundaram Finance Ltd., Tata Capital Ltd., and Muthoot Finance Ltd. are some of HDB Financial Services’ competitors. Other competitors include Dewan Housing Financial Corporation Ltd.

Bajaj Finance is the company that comes closest to competing with HDB Financial Services. The financial year that concluded in March 2022 sees a brief comparison between HDB Financial Services and Bajaj Finance.

The size of the loan book held by HDB Financial Services was reported to be Rs. 60008 crore, while the entire loan book held by Bajaj Finance was Rs. 1,91,423 crore. The two companies provide products that are virtually identical to one another.

The two companies provide products that are virtually identical to one another. Personal loans, two-wheeler loans, car loans, gold loans, loans against life insurance, loans against property, consumer durables loans, loans against securities, and business process outsourcing services are some of the products and services offered by HDB Financial Services. 

Bajaj Finance, on the other hand, offers consumer durables loans, lifestyle finance, digital product financing, personal loans, loans against property, loans against securities, loans for two-wheelers and three-wheelers, loans for small and medium-sized businesses, and loans against securities.

In terms of income, HDB Financial Services generated a total of Rs. 11,306 crore, whereas Bajaj Finance generated a total of Rs. 27,871 crore from all of its businesses, respectively. The profit after tax for HDB Financial Services was 1,011 crore, while that for Bajaj Finance was 6,350 crore. The net non-performing assets (NPAs) for HDB Financial Services are 2.29 percent, while the net NPAs for Bajaj Finance are 1.46 percent. The price-to-book ratio for HDB Financial Services is 5.41 while the price-to-book ratio for Bajaj Finance is also 9.63

Comparison of HDB Financial Services with Bajaj Finance for F22

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