Is HDB Financial Services a product based company?

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HDB Financial Services is not a product-based business, contrary to popular belief. The provision of financial services is at the heart of the business, which lives up to the connotations of its name. Since its founding in 2007, HDB Financial Services Limited has provided consumers with a broad selection of secured and unsecured loans, in addition to business process outsourcing (BPO) services. At the present time, it has about 1300 locations spread across 24 states and 3 union territories. Because it operates on a digital platform, it gives its consumers quick and simple access to the services it offers.

One of HDFC Bank’s several wholly owned subsidiaries is called HDB Financial Services Limited. It is owned by HDFC Bank that has a 95 percent stake in the company. The company’s primary sources of revenue are interest earned from its lending operation and revenue earned from providing BPO services. Each year, the corporation achieves higher levels of revenue, as well as higher levels of net profit. The provisioning of the company is decreasing, which is resulting in a decline in NPAs. There are also rumours circulating in the market that the company is going to combine with HDFC Ltd.

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