Is Reliance Retail listed at Stock Exchange?

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No, Reliance Retail is not a stock exchange listed company. It is possible that the company will be listed on the stock exchange in the near future. However, the company’s shares are traded in the unlisted market. Reliance Retail Venture Limited unlisted shares can be purchased or sold through our website, UnlistedZone, or our app.

Due to the company’s outstanding performance and lucrative return, Reliance Retail is a favourite unlisted stock of unlisted investors. Reliance Retail’s stock price has risen from Rs.550 to Rs.3500 in the last three years. This represents a nearly 7x increase in the share price. However, Reliance Retail’s IPO will not take place at this level. In the unlisted market, valuations are currently very high. As a result, investors should exercise caution when purchasing these shares. Furthermore, if someone purchased at a lower price, they can book a partial profit.

Reliance Retail Venture Limited earned Rs. 1,31,926 crore in revenue in F21, with EBITDA and PAT of Rs. 8312 crore and Rs. 4586 crore, respectively. According to Kearney Research, the Indian retail industry will grow from $779 billion in 2019 to $1407 billion by 2026, and will surpass $1.8 trillion by 2030. Reliance Retail has worked hard to capture this massive market and has already established itself as the market leader.

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