Is Reliance Retail profitable?

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Yes, Reliance Retail Venture Limited is a profitable company. Each year the company is achieving new heights. Despite the pandemic and lockdown imposed by the government, the company remained profitable and delivered excellent results. Reliance Retail Venture Limited generated a total revenue of Rs. 1,31,926 crore in F21 while EBITDA and PAT were Rs. 8312 crore and Rs. 4586 crore respectively. However, the EBITDA dropped by 11% and PAT by 17% but still it can be called a good performance because in the pandemic where most of the companies were running out of business or went in loss, this company stood firmly and not only survived but retained the previous year performance.

According to Kearney Research, the Indian retail industry is projected to grow from $779 billion in 2019 to $1407 billion by 2026 and by 2030 it will surpass $1.8 trillion. Reliance Retail Venture Limited has buckled up to capture this huge market and has already become the market leader.

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