What is the brand value of Reliance Retail?

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Reliance Retail Venture Limited’s brand value, or Mcap, is approximately Rs. 19 lakh crore. It is managed by Reliance Industries Limited. Reliance Retail Venture Limited is 85.12 percent owned by Reliance Industries Limited. It is the only Indian retailer on the list of ‘Global Powers of Retailing.’ It sells groceries, foods, footwear, lifestyle and electronics goods, consumer goods, consumer durables, energy, travel services, internet, entertainment and leisure, health and well-being products, personal hygiene and home care products, and beverages. Popular Reliance Retail brands include JioMart, Jio Store, Reliance Digital, Reliance Trends Footwear, AJIO, and Reliance Mall.

Reliance Retail Venture Limited had 12711 stores with a retail area of 33.8 million sqft in 700+ cities across India in August 2022. In F21, the company’s total revenue was Rs. 1,31,926 crore, while EBITDA and PAT were Rs. 8312 crore and Rs. 4586 crore, respectively. However, EBITDA and PAT decreased by 11% and 17%, respectively.

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