Is Studds listed in the Stock Exchange?

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No, Studds Accessories Limited is not currently listed on the stock exchange. The company is expected to go public later this year. The company had already filed a DRHP with SEBI in August of 2018 and received approval in December of that year, but they did not raise funds through an IPO. Unlisted shares of Studds Accessories Limited, on the other hand, can be purchased or sold via our website, UnlistedZone, or our app. Click here to download our app from the Google Play store.

Studds Accessories Limited, founded in 1972, manufactures helmets, motorcycle and cycle accessories. With over 2000 employees, the company is present in over 40 countries. In India, the company now has a 25% market share, followed by Vega and Steelbird. As a result, the company is the market leader in Motorcycle Accessories. Studds Accessories Limited acquired SMK Europe in 2019, a company known for producing protective, technologically advanced products. It is also a company initiative to expand its export of motorcycle and cycle accessories.

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