What is the lock-in period of Studds Accessories Limited unlisted shares?

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According to SEBI rules, Studds Accessories Limited’s lock-in period is 6 months from the date of listing. The lock-in period is the period during which an investment cannot be withdrawn or redeemed. Previously, the lock-in period was one year. However, in order to encourage investors to remain invested in startups planning to go public, SEBI has reduced the lock-in period from one year to six months. A lock-in period does not imply an investment tenure. The investment tenure can extend beyond the lock-in period. The lock-in period varies depending on the type of investment. A lock-in period allows investors to benefit from a long-term investment. The lock-in period assists startups and businesses in developing a sustainable business model.

Studds Accessories Limited, founded in 1972, manufactures helmets, motorcycle accessories, and cycle accessories. With over 2000 employees, the company is present in over 40 countries. In India, the company now has a 25% market share, followed by Vega and Steelbird. This places the company atop the Motorcycle Accessories market.

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